Why Experience AF?
Posted by Nico Moreno on

Here at AF, we always say we want to make shopping fun - And we do! But AF is more than that.

We believe in three things:

1. Shopping should be fun.

2. Quality > Quantity

3. Your dollars should go to a business you respect.

Why can’t we have all three? This is America, isn’t it?

We really do believe in each of the  brands that participate in our Markets. We know their story, we know how they make their goods, we know what is important to them, and we think you should, too! The people behind these products will inspire you, make you rethink how you shop, and sell you a product you can honestly be proud to own.

We don’t sell anything. We don’t make perfect fragrant candles, or the most delicate jewelry you’ve ever seen, we definitely aren’t brewmasters and mixologists, we just happen to know a bunch of people that are. We know creators, makers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers - And it’s our job to introduce you guys.

You work hard for your money, why not spend it with someone who works just as hard to bring these quality products to you? You can shop with confidence at AF - Rest easy knowing that 100% of your dollars are going directly to the hands responsible for your goods. Each brand is conscience of their treatment of their staff, the materials they use, and the impact they have on the world around us.

AF is a community, we’re a platform for small businesses, and honestly - We are just a group of people who hate fluorescent mall lighting.

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