Jack +G Jewelers - Inside The Shop
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When Jack + G joined the AF family, we were so excited to introduce them to the community. They represented everything we stand for as a brand: Quality over quantity, locally made and thoughtfully created. We have seen the impact they have made on our partnering brands and we have also seen the influence our brands have made on them. Jack + G has been with AF season after season now, and we have been lucky enough to see them grow as a brand and watch their style evolve and change. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store with this brand!

Walking into the Brooklyn studio of Jack + G, you aren’t immediately sure if you are in a design studio, a super hip apartment, or a tiny greenhouse. It’s filled with luscious green life and it feels like things just grow here.

Jack and Gretchen have created something honest and special in this space. Their designs are simple while being complicated. Tiny ear pieces that look delicate and thin, but require a short tutorial to be put in. Pieces shaped like K’s and spirals, that when added to your accessories blend in seamlessly and look as if they were always meant to be there.

With Jack and Gretchen originally being trained in industrial design and mechanical engineering, you can see the technicality in every piece they create. When we say the word perfect, we really mean it. Each piece is designed perfectly, methodically, and executed flawlessly.

When you look at a piece designed by Jack + G, you see them. You see them standing next to each other, laughing, working and moving together as if it were choreographed. These beautiful pieces are a direct reflection of the beautiful people that create them.

At our shows, Jack + G provide a booth with a full selection of their finest jewelry. From earrings to rings, they have it all. One of their staples is a forever bracelet or anklet. They weld the bracelet together (no clamps) so it will be worn forever creating a memory of your day which will last a lifetime.

If you find yourself at our next show, stop by Jack + G and try some of their pieces, you and your friends will love them!  

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