What Makes an AF Brand?

AF discovers, vets, & curates a community of authentic brands, providing them a platform to build relationships with consumers and tell their stories.


American Field is the nation's most robust network of partner brands that activate with us at retail events and use our digital platforms to tell their story. We pride ourselves in curating a well-rounded and thoughtful selection of brands spanning all industries and sizes at our marketplaces.

To be a considered a “good fit” for an American Field, a brand must:

  • Focus on quality, intentional, non-commodity goods
  • Have a compelling and passionate story behind the founding or purpose of the brand
  • Have aspirations and plans to grow and desire be a leader in their respective industries


Types of Brands 

AF’s brand network spans all categories of retail. Regardless of product category, AF brands are innovative, emerging, heritage and/or unique. 

Innovative brands are thought leaders in their industries. Whether they are established or upcoming on the scene, innovators are re-inventing traditional retail with new approaches to familiar concepts. Think along the lines of ethos - sustainability, manufacturing process, or commitment to values. Examples of past innovators at American Field include Tesla, Topo Designs, and Richter Goods.

Emerging brands are often relative newcomers with strong convictions to make a splash in their industry. They use the power of their individual story as leverage into competitive industries. Examples of past emerging brands at American Field include Tough Cutie, Ocotillo Salt Co., and CMBD.

Heritage brands are established brands that have survived the test of time with a steadfast commitment to quality. While relying on their tried and true brand identity and values, heritage brands rely on to innovate and elevate their offerings. Examples of past heritage brands at American Field include LL Bean, Dehen 1920, and Sallyeander.

Unique brands are truly one-of-a-kind - American Field prides itself on providing a stage for unique stories, where our competitors struggle to highlight individual stories. Unique brand activations bring value as marketable experiences at the event. Examples of past unique brands at American Field include Lunchroom Anxiety, Nest Homeware, and Shwood.