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This year is a big year for American Field (literally—our biggest year ever). With four events in four different cities, we’re making exciting additions to our normal schedule—all with the hope of providing the most comprehensive celebration of American-made craft.

Joining us this year as the official beer provider of American Field is the Narragansett Brewing Company. Since 1890, Narragansett has brewed American beer in cities all across our country. The company has survived countless buyouts and acquisitions (even the demolition of the original brew house)—and today, remains true to the brand we met some 125 years ago. We’re honored to welcome Narragansett to all four events.

Also joining us this season is Polartec—makers of impossibly rugged fabrics and fabric technologies. Founded in 1906 as Malden Mills, Polartec outfitted our solders through two world wars. Today, Polartec is revolutionizing post consumer recycling fabrics, grid/void construction, soft shell outerwear, weatherproof materials and breathable fabrics. We’re proud to welcome Polartec who has promised to bring 5 heretofore unnamed brands to each American Field event.

Finally, we’d like to highlight some American-made vendors who have recently signed on to vend at American Field 2015. They are—Ball and Buck, Brother’s Artisan Oil, Fulton and Roark, Randolph, and Yuki Kawae. Please click on each link (and visit American Field 2015) to learn more about these great, American-made brands and their products.

 Until next time—we’ll see you in the field.

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