Loyal AF

“LOYAL AF” - Brand Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program that offers awesome perks to our repeat brands. The more shows you do, the more benefits you’re eligible to receive.  See the chart below for an outline of the benefits you could earn. If you’re a repeat brand we will share your status level upon request via email. 


(20+ points) 6x12 Booths


Complimentary 6X12 Booth Credit (1X Upon Tier Achievement)

Guaranteed Upgrade to Premium Space (Back Wall or Corner)

300 x 300 Logo Feature on Website

Dedicated AF Journal Post (1X Upon Tier Achievement)

Instagram Feed Post & Story Feature

Featured Story Highlight - Event Weekend (Every Event)

$0 Event Jurying Fee

50 Attendance Tickets (Every Event)



(12+ points) 6x12 Booths


½ Price Booth Credit (1X Upon Tier Achievement)

*½ price on full price 6X12 or 12X12 booth ($575 or $1150 respectively)

Complimentary Instagram Story & Feed Post

200 x 200 Logo Feature on Website

Priority Booth Selection

$0 event Jurying Fee

30 Attendance Tickets (Every Event)




(6+ points) 6x12 Booths


$100 Credit Towards Add- Ons (1X Upon Tier Achievement)

*Cannot be used on sellables; can be used on selected booth, IG posts, Marketing efforts.

Priority Booth Selection

100 x 100 Logo Feature on Website

$0 Event Jurying Fee

15 Attendance Tickets (Every Event)

*Brands who do not participate in an event for 18 months will lose their loyalty status. Point levels that determine loyalty tier are subject to change over time.