The Collaborations of American Field : Part One
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Here at AF, we love the relationships we have with our brands. We are all brought together by a common mission of connecting the best innovative and emerging brands with amazing consumers. When you get that many like-minded (awesome) people in one room, you’re bound to get some collaborations just as awesome!  To celebrate this innovation, we've selected some notable colabs that have really captured the community and spirit of AF.

Topo x Ursa Major

This collaboration occurred back in 2012, when two amazing brands, Topo Design and Ursa Major, teamed up to make a great kit for those on the go!These two companies have a strong connection to nature and the outdoors so this match was meant to be.  Topo provided the dopp kit with their signature fabrics and colors, while Ursa Major provided the face wash, shave cream, aftershave balm, and tonic. This one stop shop gave customers all the grooming products they may need on a business or backpacking trip, as well as a functional (and fashionable) way to carry it all.

Get to know Topo Designs

Topo Designs started out as a Colorado based bag company, that has since grown into much more. They are now a lifestyle brand that manufactures extremely well made bags made with modern technical materials and manufacturing techniques that are inspired by the retro and heritage style packs from the days of old. They stand behind all these bags with a lifetime warranty so you know you’re getting something that’ll last. They have recently expanded their collection into the world of apparel ,water bottles, hammocks, patches and and even pins.

Get to known Ursa Major

Vermont based Ursa Major arose from the need for a grooming and skin care line that was truly natural, but also effective. Ursa Major knows that your skin is your bodies largest organ, and what you put on it affects your entire body, so as they say "why use something that could be negative to your health". They stand behind their products promising that you will be able to see and feel results, that they are 98.6-100% natural, and will never be boring. Their website is loaded with raving reviews from both customers, blogs, and publications so they are definitely doing something right!

American Trench x Rancourt Ventile Sneakers

American Trench and Rancourt & Co. Shoecrafters are two brands that have been involved in nearly every one of our events since 2012.  They teamed up to bring you an awesome set of collaboration sneakers!  As experts in both style and quality their fresh sneakers are crafted at the Rancourt factory in Maine using a Ventile brand canvas similar to that used in American Trench's signature trench coat. This fabric is such a tight weave that it makes the fabric extremely water repellant and abrasion resistant. Look out for more great collaborations from these brands in the future!

Get to know American Trench

American Trench is a company that formed during the 2008 financial crisis. They’re a family business that started out trying to make a domestically manufactured trench coat, but they’re found a niche making some of the world's best socks. As a now leader in the menswear and fashion communities, they have added a broad range of products to their collection. American Trench has been featured in in GQ and other publications for their trench coats and famous socks.

Get to know Rancourt Shoes

A founding sponsor of AF, Rancourt shoes has been manufacturing top quality shoes in Lewiston, Maine since 1967. Like American Trench, they’re also a family business started out their hand-stitched moccasin business paying special attention to detail for every pair they produce.  Fast forward to today, and they are one of the few remaining manufacturers who still honor the tradition of hand sewn moccasins. They use the finest leathers and techniques to make everything from slippers, to oxfords, and boots. They’ve also expanded into manufacturing bags, belts, and sneakers.

Shockoe Atelier x American Trench

Shockoe Atelier and American Trench have teamed up on multiple occasions since their founding to produce a few some amazing special colab bottoms. Whether using selvedge twill or a linen denim that can be worn as the temperature rises, these two brands have complimented each other to make some of the best pants out there.

Get to know Shockoe Atelier

Richmond based Shockoe Atelier is named after the Shockoe area of Richmond (their flagship location). Synonomous with quality this brand produces denim that is hard to beat. By integrating the finest fabrics from mills in American, Japan, and Italy they combine the best materials with meticulous craftsmanship that all takes place in house. Their constant growth as a brand and company is evident as they are always unrolling something new and creative. Whether it be a vintage deadstock dungaree made with vintage fabric, a rainbow neppy denim, or a unique and contrasting heather finish on their Ashwood style they are always evolving their product offering. Their core denim is also nothing to overlook, as they are time-tested and quality-proven staples backed with free lifetime repairs by the great guys over at their shop.

Ezra Arthur x American Trench

These two companies teamed up to create a versatile belt that one can dress up or dress down. By combining harness leather from Wickett-Craig and a solid brass buckle with machined rivets, this belt is built to last. The design is simple and showcases the leather and craftsmanship of those who made it.

Get to know Ezra Arthur

Ezra Arthur is company formed by four brothers in Phoenix, Arizona. They named the company after their grandfather as they wanted their company to embody what he stood for. These brothers believe in creating something that will last and be handed down to the next generation. They employ modern techniques in crafting their heritage products.

Throne Watches x Howl and Hide

AF veteran brand Throne Watches teamed up with Howl and Hide to create an awesome weekender for any watch enthusiast. This all Horween leather duffel is just the right size for a getaway, not too large and not too small. You can see Throne's design and style accentuated while the durable construction and hand stitching reflect what Howl and Hide is known for.  This bag a truly a perfect blend of these two amazing brands.

Get to know Throne Watches

Throne Watches has been at every AF POP UP event since our first Boston show back in 2012.  Beyond their fantastic products, their Brooklyn based team is filled with passion for quality and timeless style.   Starting off with handmade leather watch straps, they have taken their excellent branding and began development of their bespoke watch model the Throne 1.0. Since then they’ve released many variations of the 1.0 as well as the 1.5 and 2.0 which feature features like chronographs.

Get to know Howl and Hide Supply

Howl and Hide Supply was founded in Indiana by Christian Resiak. He started out buying leather coats and jackets from thrift stores and stitched them together to make new products. After years of practice refining his skills and designs, he’s become the Howl and Hide we know and love today. All of his bags are cut by hand and all the visible stitches are still sewn by hand. He even works closely with local veterans to teach them the trade since leather working. Whether you go with a backpack, messenger bag, or duffel they're all sure to last a lifetime!

Throne x deWolfe Leather Goods

In this collaboration, Throne teamed up with Gina DeWolfe, a Boston based leather goods maker. While Throne’s watches are unisex, this collaboration shows Gina DeWolfes take on a special band. A wrap around leather style, this strap features a unique paint splatter and texture on one of Throne's 1.0 models. If you’re a lady looking for something different definitely keep your eyes open for this limited collaboration.

Get to know Gina deWolfe

Gina Dewolfe always designs her leather goods with beauty and function in mind. She hand crafts these bags using some tools handed down from her grandfather.  She combines heritage craftsmanship with modern and minimalist design to offer an attractive collection of products for any stylish woman.  Looking for something even more special? She also takes custom orders so head over to her site and join the “Wolfe Pack”.

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