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It goes without saying: Our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., is ripe with history. However, when it comes to D.C.’s Union Market, we’re reminded how easy it is for once thriving infrastructure to become history. That’s why we’re proud to bring American Field D.C. to Dock 5 at Union Market for 2016.

Positioned somewhere northeast of the monuments and museums, Union Market looks a bit out of place. From its bold, ivory “UNION MARKET” sign to its fresh paint and quirky orange awnings, it easily stands out against the aged brick and worn asphalt that surrounds it.

Edens, a development company, sees a bright future for the Union Market district and has invested heavily in the area. Through their work, they’ve been cognizant of the history the building has and more importantly, its importance to D.C.’s future.

1871 - Centre Market

Centre Market opened to the public in 1871. By 1900, it was the largest market in D.C. After years of success, Centre Market was torn down by eminent domain to make way for the National Archives. Unfazed, many of the businesses teamed up to created a new venue nearby, Union Terminal Market.

1931 - Union Terminal Market

Union Terminal Market opened to the public in February 1931. The market featured large, airy, well-lit indoor stalls for 700 vendors, cold storage vaults, elevators and a public café. Vendors sold meats, fish, dairy and produce six days a week.

1962 – Revised Union Terminal Market

In the early 1960s, D.C. banned the outdoor sale of meats and eggs—killing foot traffic for the farmers. So, once again, the businesses adapted the space and created an indoor market—the building now revitalized as Union Market.

Today - Union Market

The lavishly revamped Union Market aims to turn a drab subsection of D.C. into a must-see destination for locals and tourists. The multimillion-dollar marketplace is the result of 6+ years of work by Edens, who have expressed their commitment to creating a space capable of pulling the community together.

The 25,000+ square-foot, year-round, all-weather market houses over 40 local vendors showcasing the best of D.C.’s thriving maker and culinary scenes.

Union Market has continued building on the foundation set by Centre Market over 200 years ago—unifying D.C. and connecting people from a variety of backgrounds. We’re honored to call it our home this weekend.


Special thanks for Union Market for the information used in this post.


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