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"Throne is about community and experience. It's about the brand beyond the product, we’ve been able to build a passionate community that is supportive of what we do. When we set out to open our retail space, the motivation was two fold, we wanted people to be able to come in experience the brand, feel the products, talk with us about the products.…for us that is just as much about community building marketing and brand development as anything. Having people come visit and meet us is a curtail part of the success of our brand.”

-Zach Sears, Founder

A few weeks ago, we spent a few hours with our good friends over at Throne Watches in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We were able to pick their brains on how they are growing their business, what's up next for them, and how joining AF has helped grow their brand. See the entire interview with Zach Sears, Throne Creative Director, below and come check them out this Spring and Fall season at AF. 

Throne combines the beauty of Swiss watch making with the pride and true manufacturing quality that exists here in the United States.

AF: What has been one of the most valuable things you've taken away from AF?

TH: For us it's been an unbelievable opportunity to have a direct interaction with our customers

AF: Why did you guys choose to do AF?

TH: Besides the sales we get from participating in AF, it's about brand awareness and being apart of the maker community and the small business community that has seen a resurgence in the US. AF has been an integral part of helping us do that.

Stop by and visit the guys at Throne in their new shop in Bushwick or at all of the Spring AF shows this season. 

Throne Watches

200 Morgan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237

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