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Oh Boston. Also called Beantown, the Hub, the Cradle of Liberty, the Athens of America, and The Walking City.

We just call it home.

This September, American Field is returning to our anchor city—Boston, MA—for the fourth consecutive year. Boston is where it all started for us. A few friends. An old warehouse. A dream.

We owe a lot to this city. So it’s time we shared some of its charm with you.

First settled in 1630, Boston has always maintained a reputation for leadership. From the first public school in America (still open today) to the establishment of elected positions in government—Bostonians set the pace for other American cities to emulate.

There’s no greater example of this than the American Revolution.

Fed up with unjustified taxes on goods, the Sons of Liberty (a secret society of Patriots) dumped 342 crates of British tea into Boston Harbor. This display of dissent led to the Battle of Bunker Hill, which inspired American militias to take on the British military and win their independence.

After forming the nation, Boston was among the first to build the economy. By 1890, the city tripled in size through land reclamation. Marshes were filled, hills were moved, and neighboring towns were annexed. Factories blossomed, and American-industry had a home in the Hub.

Today, Boston remains the perfect blend of old and new. From Revolutionary-era meeting houses, to gas lamps above cobblestone streets, to glass skyscrapers that pierce the clouds. As a result, Boston is uniquely positioned to embrace the future. With the Nation's top universities, some of the largest companies, the best hospitals and international appeal, Boston serves as a thriving intellectual, technological, and political haven.

To wrap it all up, no words can capture the charm of this city. So don’t settle for ours.

See it first-hand, September 12-13.

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