Everyone has that one start-up-minded friend - that is, if it's not you. Let's dive into it headfirst - what are some key qualities behind an entrepreneur? It starts with the way you think, and we're piecing the thoughts of some of our favorite female founders into a 30 minute guide into that mindset. For the second half of today's episode, we call in the big guns - Lindsey Mader, our point-person for all things brands at AF, gives us her rundown on the series and some insight into her experience speaking with hundreds of individuals in the zone.

In today's episode, Lucas reviews some of the most memorable highlights and most valuable takeaways from the brands featured in our mini-series with female-founded and -operated businesses - Ellsworth & Ivey, Halfdays, Boston Harbor Distillery, Pratt Standard, and Trade Street Jam Co. Check out the recap and fresh insights, and then make sure to listen to the full interviews, too!

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