Please find the terms and conditions of the event protection packages below.  Please read these in full prior to purchasing the protection.

AF protection plans are not insurance, instead they serve as a limit of financial liability on fees paid to AF for events and related services.  Please carefully read the terms and conditions so confirm you understand what is, and is not covered under our protection plans.

Covered Reasons:

  • You or a traveling companion is seriously ill or injured.
    • Requirements: The injury, illness, or medical condition must be disabling enough to make a reasonable person delay, cancel or interrupt their trip.
    • A doctor must examine you or a traveling companion and advise you or a traveling companion to cancel or interrupt your trip before you cancel or interrupt it.  If that is not possible, a doctor must examine you within 72 hours of your cancellation or interruption.
  • A family member who isn't travelling with you is seriously injured or ill.
    • Requirements: The injury, illness, or medical condition must be considered life threatening, require hospitalization, or he or she must require your care.
  • Death
    • You, a traveling companion or a family member dies.
    • Requirement: A traveling companion's or family member's death must occur before or during your trip.
  • Transportation Accident
    • You are in a traffic accident on the way to the event and you need medical attention or the vehicle needs to be repaired because it is unsafe to operate.
  • You're summoned by a court order or subpoena to serve on a jury or appear in court.
    • Requirement: You must provide proof of order or subpoena (where allowable by law).
  • Your primary residence is uninhabitable because of a natural disaster, fire, flood, burglary or vandalism.
    • Requirement: You must provide proof of primary residence address and proof of damage.