Brothers Artisan Oil was founded in 2014 by the Shea family. As Owen and Marie prepared for the birth of their first daughter, they found it difficult to find natural products that actually worked. When Owen's dad beard really started growing and demanded some upkeep, he mixed up a little batch of beard oil. After he and his brother Baxter, both bartenders at the time, shared some with regulars, they began getting customers stopping by specifically for the oils, and the family decided to take a risk and start a company. Brothers Artisan Oil was born a week before Owen and Marie's daughter, Nova. Three years later, the brand has over 30 products and a lot of fans. Most recently awarded "Best Beard Oil of 2017" by GQ magazine, they've branched out into all kinds of body and home care, blending the brothers' knowledge of blending botanicals and Marie's science background to create a truly effective, truly natural line.