As local as local brews get!
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We love our communities. We love getting to travel to and discover new cities, new trends, and new people.

It’s why we do what we do. We don’t want to just pop in, do our thing, and then bail like a bad date - We want to invest in and experience these cities.

We want to go where the locals go, we want to experience whatever the city has to offer. However, being perfectly honest, we are really just here for the beer.

Having offices in some of the biggest beer cities around, we at AF know our beer. 

We love lagers, and stouts, and would pretty much do anything for an unfiltered IPA. And in the theme of transparency,

a brewery is one of the first things we look for when planning our events in each city.

We love bringing your favorite brewery to an event like ours where you get to shop local, and drink local. It also means we get to sample the goods -

Which is not a bad gig if you ask us.

In 2018, We got insanely lucky and some of our personal favorite breweries joined the AF family. In Boston - Lord Hobo came in and shut the whole party down.

They brought three of their most popular brews: Their Angelic, a creamy New England wheat beer. Boom Sauce, their legendary IPA,

and last but not least, their Glorious galaxy pale ale.

In Brooklyn we had none other than Coney Island Brewery, who brought both their Merman and Mermaid - A NY IPA, and a light pilsner, perfect for easy drinking while you shop.

And then came Washington DC,  where we were lucky enough to snag Devil’s Backbone Brewery, a brewery

that’s changing the game in floral and hoppy beers.

Who needs a “guide” to local breweries when you can just hit up your local AF Pop Up Market? I know we specialize in bringing you guys unique and innovative brands, but we are thinking maybe we should get in the beer business?

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