“Live Inspired” Professional Jean

$ 215.00
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An American made Japanese denim crafted with Kuroki 13oz red-lined selvedge in a limited run of 52 pieces with a 4oz rich brown CMBD x FITZ leather label made in Ohio. A worthwhile journey. Initially fits tighter and requires a tougher breaking in. Use normal size for purchasing. Made in Los Angeles, CA.
*Chain stitched leg opening
LIVE INSPIRED - LIVE DENIM is a result of the people you meet in the places you go - the things you take with you, built strong enough to hold up to your adventure. Each piece is designed and crafted in America - a full collection completed by a solid pair of boots and keys in the ignition. Wear it well, wherever you go. LIVE INSPIRED - LIVE DENIM is a co-creation between CMBD and @lucaszfitz