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Since 2012, American Field has been the point of connection between a network of 2500 innovative and emerging brands and over 100,000 consumers on a mission to hear the meaningful stories behind the makers of their favorite things. We accomplished this by hosting a slew of banger pop-up markets from coast to coast - Boston to San Francisco and many cities in between - but we haven't hit them all.  

In an effort to "meet" new faces, we created a first-of-its-kind digital shopping and streaming event - AF Live. Along with the likes of 70+ brands (including Topo Designs, New Balance, and Taylor Stitch), we streamed and story-told to consumers from the comfort of our own homes, into yours.

We aren't stopping there. As the world wakes back up, we're reminded of the high-speed pace we're used to moving at. How do we keep telling these stories - and ensuring the folks that want to hear them have access to them - at the speed we're used to moving? As always, we look to the past to help navigate through the future. Back in a different era of turbulence in our nation, FDR took to the airwaves for his iconic fireside chats - providing clarity and shining a light on to the issues of the day. Today, in our own little world, we're aiming to do the same thing.

Enter: AF Fireside - the first ever American Field podcast. Casual, comfortable, and intimate conversations with the minds and hands behind your favorite brands - available to watch or listen to on-demand. Pull up a chair. Sit by the fire.


About Your Host

Lucas Fitzpatrick is a Massachusetts-based menswear expert, content creator, and solution-finder. After a stint working in professional theater, he found his roots in the heritage scene through co-founding a small online menswear store in 2017 – focusing the theme of telling important stories of heritage, ethical production, and intentionality. In the years since, he's consulted for small brands across the country and designed limited-run collaborations with independent workwear brands like Charles Miller Brand Denim and Okay Denim Co.

Joining the team at American Field has hybridized some of his favorite skill sets and experiences – navigating new cities, building community, and providing a platform for cool brands to tell their stories to consumers that care – all coming together to achieve a life-long goal of being the fun uncle to thousands of brands across the US. 

Learn more about Lucas here, and follow along on Instagram.